Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Below will help you understand a little more.

  • What should I consider when buying a telephone system?

    Before purchasing a telephone system you should research into the different types of telephone systems available to meet your business needs.

    As a leading phone supplier, we can help you choose the best system for your business and help you evaluate your telephone system options. The number of lines and extensions you will need will determine the size of the system you will need to purchase.

    As an independent supplier we will be able to provide you with impartial advice and quotes. As telecommunications experts we are able to supply, install and maintain a large range of manufacturers’ products. However, in most cases it is our preference to install Toshiba or Mitel, two of the leading suppliers in telephone systems currently in the marketplace. We can provide ongoing support and system upgrades to meet the needs of your business.

    There are three main types of telephone systems which are most commonly used by small and larger businesses; these are the Hybrid-IP Phone System, Pure-IP Phone System and the Digital Phone System. For businesses who have between 5 and 30,000 users the Mitel® 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system. If you would like more information on telephone system available to your business please contact TWL.

  • I’ve been previously miss sold by a local company in South Wales who tied me into a 7 year contract when I was told it would be no more than 36 months…

    Unfortunately, there are some companies out there who are not upfront about costs and charges but luckily enough we are always upfront about costs which are always discussed in person and if a lease…

    or finance is required, all of the details are highlighted to you clearly showing the monthly payments and the full term.  The maximum term we use is up to 48 months.

  • With my current provider, when I have a fault or problem I am put through to an offshore call centre where I am put on hold for 5-10 mins and then after several tests I am told someone will be in contact with me to discuss within 4 working hours…

    Due to consistently improving our customer service we have now implemented a new system where our Helpdesk Administrator Simon will answer your calls personally, we will take your details and arrange for a diversion where possible for all calls to be routed to another number whilst the fault is being repaired and keep you updated via email on our web based portal, details of which will be sent out to you directly to your email account.

  • I am starting up a new business and have no telephones, lines or equipment; do you offer a start up package at all?

    As a leading phone system supplier in South Wales, at TWL we understand that starting up a business can be an expensive and challenging time.

    At TWL we can provide you with a bespoke telecommunications package that will meet your needs and requirements.  Fixed lines, telephone systems, mobile phone contracts – with so much to do when starting a business, why not let the business phone experts take care of you.

    Whether you are setting up by yourself or starting out as a small company with only a few members of staff for instance, we look to find the right solution based on your requirements with a free no obligation face to face consultation.

    As a leading telecommunications provider in South Wales and across the UK, we can offer you a range of cost effective and efficient new telephone systems, refurbished telephone systems, voice & data cabling, call recording, cheap telephone calls, photocopiers and telephone solutions. As an independent telephone supplier we will be able to offer you impartial, advice and quotes.

    If you would like a quote on comprehensive communications solutions please call us today on 029 20 839 100.

  • I am on a limited budget can you help our telephone needs?

    TWL provide telephone systems on cash, leasing or refurbished telecoms systems but also we are able to help you start with the basics and give you the platform to grow as and when budget allows.

  • What are the benefits of leasing a telephone system?

    At TWL we offer a wide range of leasing options as an alternative to buying a telephone system, and have a menu of options for financing your communications equipment.

    Leasing a telephone system has become a popular choice for many SME businesses. As a business telephone system provider, we can provide your business with a wide range of leasing options as a cost effective and financially efficient way of financing your communications needs.

    TWL will asses and evaluate your requirements to ensure we provide the right telephone system for you. As a leading telephone system installer in Wales, we can offer your business a telephone leasing rental plan that is fixed for the duration of the agreement. This allows you to budget in complete confidence and have peace of mind that costs will not escalate over the leasing contract term.

    There are several benefits to telephone system leasing as opposed to purchasing your telephone system outright. TWL can provide businesses with a number of benefits including a technology upgrade facility, which allows businesses to take advantage of the latest innovations. We also offer businesses flexible leasing, enabling us to tailor the telephone system to meet the needs of individual businesses.

    Leasing a telephone system will also benefit your businesses balance sheet because rentals are fully tax deductible and can be offset against your company’s taxable profit. Leasing a telephone system also removes the need for a large deposit or long term debt repayment. Payment for the telephone systems reflects the system’s usage, meaning businesses only pay for the equipment as it is used, allowing the cost to be spread out over an agreed period of time.

  • How quick will you respond if I have a telephone system fault?

    We prioritise our call outs, system failure is more important than a sticky button on a phone, but generally we respond immediately. With the help of TWL’s dial in technology and if necessary we will have an engineer on site as soon as possible – This is generally under 4 hours in most cases.

  • I have inherited a telephone system when I moved in the building but do not have a maintenance contract and am unaware of the features etc.

    Firstly we’d need to find out whether or not the telephone system is a make/model we support, if it is, we will arrange for an account manager to visit you at site and run through the details with you…

    and also if the system is suitable for your needs, you may find that you need additional handsets that we will be able to supply you or even a days training for you and your staff on how to make the most out of your telephone system by one of our fully qualified engineers.

  • Why only 2 telecoms systems?

    It’s very simple, through focusing on only 3 specialist telecoms platforms (Toshiba, Mitel and ) were bang up to date on every single aspect that Mitel and Toshiba has to offer.

    We don’t entertain any other systems and we are not geared to supply or maintain any other systems outside of these areas. We believe that these systems are the  best in the world and can handle the most diverse of businesses, so this is what we specialise in.

    TWL can’t offer “comprehensive independent advice on a broad range of telephone systems” we offer first class information on Mitel, Toshiba and Siemens Telephony Systems.

  • Do I need a telephone System support contract?

    Yes, but at TWL we believe this should be done on an annual contract, this allows you to judge us rather than forcing you into a long term contract where only the supplier benefits.