Five minutes with Ian England

Date: Jun 13, 2017

We caught up with Sales Director, Ian England, recently and asked him all about life in the telecoms world as well as at TWL:



Ian, you’ve been with TWL for a number of years now, what has been the highlight to date?

There have been a few highlights over the years but I think the more recent portfolio developments have been the most exciting. Technology is developing at such a rate now that there is always something new to learn that benefits our clients. Holding on to our existing customers in such a competitive environment has been a challenge but as we give honest and impartial advice without long term contract tie ins, we have a great offering for them to stay with us. Equally so, we have a lovely approach with new customers too ensuring they have all the information they need to make a correct decision on their telecoms.


Can you tell us a little about the latest product in your portfolio?

Our latest addition is TWL Hosted, you’ve probably seen some of our online client case studies over the last 6 months showcasing some of the benefits. It’s a cloud based telephony system which enables you to save money by having free of charge handsets, free programming & training, free router & transfer of numbers also with FREE calls to UK local, National and mobiles. It’s been a great addition for us as it provides an alternative for some smaller, multi-site businesses and those who need to be more flexible.


What actually happens when you switch from traditional to hosted?

There’s a lot we have to do at TWL to get you set up correctly and ready for your go live date. As far as the client is concerned we usually have to port existing numbers up into the cloud so they form part of the new phone system, this means no downtime for the clients customers during the process.

We order the hardware for the customer and carry out a pre installation meeting with one of our expert engineers, we do all the provisioning side in house meaning we are in completed control and we keep the customer updated with dates for each of the steps involved. We also liaise with the customers IT provider so they know what is happening, all of this means the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything being missed and can sit back and let us do all the work for them.


Should new hosted users expect a big upheaval in their offices during a hosted installation?

Lots of business decision makers shy away from a switch in telecoms as they think it’s going to cost them money in terms of downtime. The hosted solution means that we completely minimise downtime for the business as a lot can be done remotely prior to the installation.  


What are the key differences between traditional and hosted?

A traditional system is a superb solution for up to 250 users, for some businesses it makes sense to opt for the traditional PBx route because they prefer the rigidity and resilience of the system. Everything is held on site and the system is extremely robust. We have so much success with our Mitel on site system (you can read some of our case studies here).

The hosted system is much more flexible and simple to set up with free handsets and router, free site to site calls and no capital outlay. The choice between the two depends on the business needs (current and future) and the budget available. I often quote for both and advise the client of the benefits of each, this means the client isn’t be told what they should have but advised and that’s why we are different.


What advice would you give to anyone looking for a new phone system today?

Ask the experts. Everyone these days likes to do research on the internet first so that they are better informed prior to wading in with a new supplier. We understand this and are there to confirm research done by clients in order to ensure they get to their ultimate business goal. It’s the client’s decision and they must feel in control of the process at all times, we offer a completely free review of their existing set-up and ongoing costs and look into their current contractual obligations and put forward an easy to understand statement of what options are available and what cost differences it would mean for them moving forward in order for them to make the right decision for them.


For more information on Ian, or to arrange a meeting, call 02920 839 100 or email