Hosted Telephony for a Start-up Business

Date: Jun 16, 2017

TWL Hosted

For a start-up business providing a foundation of clear and cost effective communication is a necessity. Hosted telephony from TWL provides businesses in the UK the chance to have a strong communication foundation with a view to scaling successfully.

Hosted telephony is much like a regular telephone system except you will have all services and numbers hosted in the cloud. Hosted numbers sit in the cloud, which means that they are not tied to a specific location. You’ll be able to divert calls to any other number, whether a landline, mobile or international number and our system makes it as easy as possible to do so through a simple control panel.


As a start-up business owner having a service in place that is flexible and can expand and contract with your business needs is vital. You can easily add or remove numbers, extensions and other services to match your current business requirements.

Doesn’t Tie You Down

If you continue to grow to a point where you need to move to bigger premises, the flexibility of our hosted telephony ensures that you can divert important calls during the move itself, and easily switch to the new location when the dust is settled. It also means that those working from home can keep the same number for business calls.

Hosted telephony is a cost-effective solution for start-up businesses, offering scalability and flexibility of location when compared with a traditional telephone system.

To find out more, contact the TWL team today and we’ll be happy to get your start-up business talking.