Version 6.0 Software Release for the Mitel 5000 System

Mitel Version 6.0 Software for Mitel 5000 CP

Get up to date with the latest software release from Mitel

Mitel have launched the latest software version for the Mitel 5000 telephone system.  Version 6.0 provides many system level enhancements over the previous software releases.  These enhancements and whole product fine tuning, in conjunction with the rich set of Mitel Applications Suite (MAS) based applications re-affirm Mitel’s commitment to the 5000 CP and the evolutionary needs of the small to medium-sized business market.

Version 6.0 Features

DHCP for 5000 Endpoints – This means that prior to this latest version, Mitel 5000 handsets needed to acquire their IP address from the site’s DHCP server.  This allows for easier set up for the users handsets which can massively save on time.

Mitel UC360 video conferencing unit support -The latest release now fully supports the new Mitel UC360 audio variant.  Click here to view the Mitel UC360 Conferencing Unit

Customer Configurator – This is a new feature that is built into version 6.0. and it will enable the person who is in charge of the phone system to add, move and change details themselves. On top of this, there will also be a Bundled Save & Restore feature which will allow users to backup and restore more easily than in previous software versions.

Alarms Alerts via Email – Users can now be notified via an alarm via email/email generated text messages rather than checking the SysAd display.

SIP Phone Conferencing and Display Updates – With the addition of the Mitel 5603, 5604 and 5607 SIP Phone support, the 5000 CP’s SIP features and capabilities have been enhanced in two very prominent ways. This includes phone display updates and Ad-Hoc conferencing.

Web Based Administration – Mitel continues to extend the 5000 CP’s web based administration with Release 6.0 to allow the Customer Configurator to perform the more common 5000 CP Database transactions that require the Database Programming Client. The 5000 CP will now feature an Administrative Web Portal (AWP) that will allow a person with the correct level of system privileges to make database User additions and changes.

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