At TWL we offer a wide range of leasing options as an alternative method of financing your communications equipment. Below are just some of the benefits:

Conserves working capital

Capital can be put to work for more profitable purposes.

Payment reflects usage

Pay for the equipment as it is used and spread the cost through its working life.


These are fully tax deductible and can be offset against your companies taxable profit.

Even out cash flow

No need for large deposits or long-term debt.


Assets can simply be upgraded as old ones need replacing.


Finance can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Upgrade facility

Allows you to take advantage of the latest technology by simply upgrading your equipment.

Customer Benefits of Leasing

Another Line of Credit

Leasing facilities are dedicated to the equipment concerned and no other form of security is normally required. Our leasing facilities will not affect current borrowing capabilities, leaving your existing sources of finance, conveniently undisturbed.

Preserve Working Capital – Think Revenue

Maintaining liquidity (i.e. available cash), is critical to the health of a business and is fully supported by the practice of leasing, which removes the need to tie up valuable cash resources in a rapidly depreciating asset; freeing up capital that may be better invested, elsewhere in your business. Leasing allows you to treat the acquisition of new equipment as a revenue, rather than a capital expense.

Leasing is Highly Tax Efficient

Under a leasing agreement the total amount of all rentals payable in each Tax year, can be fully off-set against Corporation Tax, over the life of the agreement. Only leasing enables you to write-off the full purchase price, against Tax, linked to the expected useful working life of the equipment – which may be as short as three years, for high tech products.

It is perhaps not surprising then, that over 30% of all capital equipment purchased in the UK, is now leased.

Easy To Upgrade

The valuable working life of many business assets can be hard to predict. Given the pace of technological advancements, any finance arrangement must be flexible enough to accommodate these developments. Our leasing companies therefore expect and anticipate the need to provide you with replacement or additional equipment and we will gladley quote the rental for a new Agreement, which will automatically extinguish the liabilities under your existing arrangement.

Fixed Costs

Unlike many other forms of finance, where interest rates fluctuate, leasing rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement. This allows you to budget in complete confidence that costs will not escalate.

Accelerate The Return on Investment

Each and every asset acquired for your business demands a pay-back. Deferring the acquisition costs by leasing new equipment, can provide you with an immediate return on that investment.

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