Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

EFM business broadband

What is Ethernet in the First Mile?

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a highly resilient, copper-based Ethernet service, capable of carrying high bandwidth connections of up to 35Mbps into your premises without the need for fibre leased lines.

EFM services from TWL allows your business to take a step up from broadband connectivity and take advantage of a fully secure and resilient service. EFM can be used to provide super-fast Internet connectivity or integrated within a secure network for your business.

Benefits of EFM

EFM is a good choice for those looking for a cost effective alternative to fibre connectivity but still want to gain high speed access.

  • Cost Effective Dedicated Connectivity
  • 25 Day Lead Time
  • Secure Service
  • Up to 35Mbps
  • Resilient Service

What can EFM offer your business?

  • Faster internet connectivity – this is perhaps the most basic but important benefit of signing up to Ethernet in the First Mile. Faster internet means greater productivity, fewer frustrations for staff and greater ability to upload and transfer large files.
  • Remote working – more and more businesses are opting to allow staff to work from home, but most need a fast internet connection to be able to offer these kinds of flexible working options. Ethernet in the First Mile can increase your bandwidth to ensure that a number of staff can connect to their work computers from home.
  • VoIP – Voice-over-IP can cut your business phone bills and reduce or eliminate ISDN circuit rental costs. However to maintain call quality and service availability, you’ll need a reliable, dedicated, symmetric connection. Ethernet in the First Mile can provide you with that connection.
  • Video conferencing – a faster connection means that it’s easier to offer video conferencing as a service for staff and clients.

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