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Make cheap calls with VoIP telephony.


Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is the means of transmitting voice traffic over a data network. This type of communication is ideal for business use, it uses your existing broadband or leased line connection to make calls and share data at a much cheaper rate than the standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

IP Telephony can help you you lower business costs by moving all your voice and data communications to a single manageable network. Site to site call costs are eliminated and you can link people, products, office site and customers in a more efficient and effective way, bringing email, voice calls, voice mail, calendars and conferences together in one integrated system. The added flexibility and quicker response times translate into greater customer satisfaction and increased business productivity.

Benefits of IP Telephony

Reduce the cost of calls compared to standard telephone systems
Benefit from enhanced features such as unified communication, real-time billing, click to call dialing, speech recognition and self-initiated video conferencing.

Add and remove users and rearrange services easily and inexpensively. Self manage communication networks from a single control point by combining voice and data into one network. Reduce business continuity risks in the event of disruption at any business site in the company.

Save money

The cost savings advantage to IP Telephony is often a main driver for businesses to adopt IP telephony:

Voice Calls made over the public telephone network can instead be routed over IP networks for little or no cost, between company sites and from home and mobile workers using broadband connections.

Businesses can use spare capacity on their existing office and inter-office networks to allow voice traffic to travel alongside data.


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