Oak RecordX is the award winning unified call recording system from Oak that includes line & call billing, mobile and VoIP recording in a single solution.


Award winning recordX is a comprehensive extension and line side call recording solution packed with innovative features to search, record, play and archive telephone calls. Leading edge web technologies ensure that recordX is the most powerful yet easiest to use solution available today.

Whether you need to capture and retrieve recordings for regulatory compliance, or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction, recordX meets all of your needs. It works with all technologies – ISDN, SIP and VoIP – in whatever combination you have chosen.

Resolve disputes

Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to your client to confirm contract details

Demonstrate compliance

For many organisations it is necessary to show that FSA rules have been followed

Monitor quality

Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times

Improve performance

Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques


Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues.
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Call reporting – reportX

Oak ReportX, Oak’s advanced call logging product shows you how effectively and efficiently you are dealing with your customers and gives you the information you need to drive constant improvement.  It’s reporting capabilities are unrivaled; and are so comprehensive, flexible and easy to sue that you will soon see measurable results throughout your business.

Immediate cost savings of up to 15% on calls can be realised as well as the associated savings in staff on those calls.  As a result, reportX can pay for itself within three months.

Report is designed to manage and improve the use of telecommunications throughout your business, with a wide and flexible range of reports that show you exactly what is going on in a format that is easy to understand and tailored to your business.

Reduce costs

See an immediate reduction of up to 15% in call costs and drive continuing improvements in costs.

Retain customers

Impress callers by answering their calls quickly and handling their calls effectively.

Increase sales

Ensure increased levels of telesales activity are being made to drive new sales.

Improve performance

Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.

Detect fraud

Identify potential telephone fraud early and avoid huge expense.

Work smarter

Reveal new opportunities to improve the way you do business.
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Patient connect

Patient Connect Contact Manager from Oak includes call recording, EMIS Telephone Integration & Contract CRM.  Patient Connect enhances communications with patients by providing an improved and more personal service, combining modern electronic methods (SMS) with more traditional voice calls.  It also incorporates a Contact Management front end to EMIS patient information providing a dashboard for inbound/outbound communication with the facility to note brief details for the contact.

Patient Connect is not just for communicating with patients; contact information for companies and other individuals/agencies that have dealings with the Practice can be stored in the system providing the same enhanced communication benefits.

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Time
  • Regulatory Compliance
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