Fibre Optic Cabling

We supply and install all forms of fibre optic cabling.


What is Fibre cabling?

Fibre optic cabling is essentially strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair which are able to carry digital information over long distances. The two easy answers are Distance or External. Copper cabling is limited in that it is restricted to a maximum length of 90 metres. If you require a longer run than that then a fibre optic connection is your best bet. By using media converters to change the signal’s capabilities from Copper to Fibre, you connect two cabinets together and have the beginnings of a basic data cabling network.

If the network requires 2 or more buildings to be connected together you would use fibre in the same way. Extending the network into another building gives users access to the same computer files and telephone systems as the main office. TWL Voice and Data can install all forms of fibre optic cabling such as; Single mode, Multimode and Blown fibre.

Key Benefits of Fibre Optic Cabling

It can be installed over long distances across a site and it will achieve speeds much faster than a Cat5 or even a Cat6 cable.
TWL’s fully qualified engineers can install fibre cabling and once all work is completed we can test all work with our specialist cable testing equipment. You will be offered a report of the quality and performance of the cabling work.

Did You Know?

Fibre is not affected by electro magnetic interference.
A fibre run can be made up to 2km.
TWL have installed fibre cabling at; Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC)

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