Line & Call Billing

The TWL in house billing and reporting system provides you with a simple way to break down costs by user, telephone number, site and cost centre.

Costs are not simply that of making a telephone call or renting a line or circuit but are also in the administration of all of these services.

Many companies use a multitude of suppliers each providing separate bills for each of the specific services used and require a different number for support.

At TWL we aim to simplify this where possible by providing all of our customers’ major communications needs under one roof, helping to minimise costs, and also provide improved flexibility and efficiency savings. This means you get just one fully TWL branded monthly bill via email or the flexible online portal and you have one single point of contact for account management and support covering your fixed, Hosted, telephone system maintenance and internet services.

Why choose TWL?

  • Full cost centre management of all services under a single bill, that is broken down by each product set and can be split by user or cost centre, so you can see who is spending how much on what and when
  • Access to online billing and call data 24/7 via your own secure online billing portal
  • The ability to run a wide range of standard and bespoke reports on your call data
  • A centralised point of contact for any billing needs

Providing administration savings through billing

Imagine bringing all of your services together on one bill – structured in a way that suits your business. Our advanced converged billing platform does just that! Our clear billing and reporting system ensures not only administration savings, but also gives you a clear view of your costs and who is incurring them.

Your choice

If you would like to make use of them, there are a number of easy-to-specify features available as standard on your TWL bill, including:

Cost centre summaries

In addition to receiving individual user summaries, you can set up your company’s monthly bill so that each of your individual users is grouped into relevant cost centres e.g. Finance, Sales, Operations etc, so that the managers of each of these areas of your business have a clear picture of the amount being spent each month by their department.

Monitored usage

At individual user level, you can set a number of parameters unique to each person, so you can see at a glance the amount spent on certain types of call. The parameters you can set include:

  • Calls made in/out of working hours
  • Calls over a specific duration
  • Calls over a specified value
  • Calls to 0870/1 and freephone numbers
  • Calls to specific or known personal numbers for re-billing if required

Your electronic bills or spend summaries can be delivered directly to individuals within your business or to department or cost centre heads, whichever you prefer.

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