Access Control & Door Entry

The words Access Control and Door Entry can mean different things to different people.


Whether it is an apartment occupant buzzing the front door open for a visitor or an electronic lock on a Communications room door restricting access to everyone except the I.T manager, access control and door entry is about keeping out the people who should be out but remaining flexible enough to allow access to those who should be in.

With an Audio or Video Intercom, the receptionist, the flat occupant or the storekeeper act as gatekeepers and verify the visitor before allowing them access.

With a Fob, Tag, Card or even a biometric reader, a unique electronic key/serial number is encoded into the host hardware giving that person access to that door.

A Managed system may allow a building manager, concierge or responsible person to be selective by granting Total Access to certain users and restrict access to others.

TWL Security will help you chose the most appropriate Access Control/Door Entry solution for your security needs.

The possibilities and applications are only limited by imagination.

Our systems start with a Smart Doorbell that will connect to your Smart phone and show you live footage of the visitor. Install yourself for only £249 plus VAT.


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