Analogue, HD or Hybrid, Cat5 or Coaxial, DVR or NVR, IP, TurboHD or HDCVI.

Decision, decisions, decisions.

The CCTV market is saturated with equipment from an endless list of manufacturers.

Each and every one of them claiming that their tech is the Latest and Greatest, creating a minefield for Installers and end users alike..

The solution is really quite simple – TWL Security

We have installed CCTV for over 20 years and have witnessed the technology change dramatically.

TWL Security will guide you through the technology maze, help you distinguish between the Marketing Hype and Genuine Tech Advances to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision and choose the right CCTV solution.

Remote CCTV Viewing from your Mobile Phone

Keep an eye on your home or business 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world.

With a TWL CCTV system connected to your Broadband you can check on your Home or Business interests using one of our Free to download Mobile phone Apps for IOS, Android and Windows smart phones.


Analogue CCTV

Lower resolution Composite video normally connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and digitised at a typical resolution of 720 pixels x 576 pixels (0.4 Megapixels) before storage on an internal Hard Disk drive.


High resolution cameras typically 1920×1080/2Mega Pixel(FULL HD) upwards and available beyond UHD 4K (4096×2160/8megapixel). Connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) using existing data infrastructure and/or dedicated data network using wired and wireless equipment.

Hybrid System

Taking the best of your analogue CCTV and combining it with the latest HD cameras in a single easy to use system.

To HD or to not HD?

For any residential, commercial or industrial customer looking for new or additional CCTV, the answer should always be HD-CCTV from TWL Security.

The Image improvement over Analogue is dramatic for such a small increase in ownership cost above that of Analogue CCTV.


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