Intruder Alarm Systems (IAS)

Love them or hate them, an Intruder Alarm System is usually the first Line of Electronic Security Defence against Theft or Crime.

TWL Security Install and Maintain a wide variety of Audible(Bells Only) and monitored alarm systems and can provide a solution to satisfy your Security Needs.

Wired or Wireless

A wired system would always be the first choice in any commercial environment or ‘New Build’ domestic dwelling due to the minimal service requirements.

However a wired system does not suit every environment and with the recent maturity of the Wireless Intruder Alarm equipment available, TWL security can confidently install an approved wireless Intruder Alarm with minimum disruption.

System Maintenance

One of the primary causes of Hardware malfunction based false alarms is a defective CPU Battery,
A defective System Battery causes instability in the System power supply which then affects the power supplied to detection devices resulting in false alarms.

These sealed lead-acid batteries (similar to those in your car) are designed to provide normal system operation during a power cut.

A high quality battery may last beyond 5 years but many systems are fitted with cheaper batteries that are ineffective after 2 years.

Why not let TWL Security carry out a system health check, test your battery and replace it before problems occur.

While we are at it, why not let TWL install a New Modern External SAB module in place of your tired old bell box and Show perspective burglars the you have a Maintained and Operational Alarm system.

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Remotely Monitored Alarm Systems

Remotely monitored intruder alarm systems were once a luxury only afforded by the commercial customer.

Did you know that TWL Security could connect your Existing Home Intruder Alarm to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for £99+VAT per year* for a ‘Keyholder Response’ based system (*Subject to an annual maintenance agreement).

In the event of an activation or malfunction, the friendly ARC operator will contact you or any listed keyholder to make you aware of the situation.

We only use trusted Communication Devices from BT/Redcare and CSL/Dualcom.


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